What are Loyalty Cards?
Take a glance in your wallet and you almost certainly have as a minimum two or three loyalty cards for grocery stores, pet stores or other vend outlets. All types of companies are stirring to loyalty cards to obtain consumers to shop with them more than their opponents. Most loyalty cards present rewards when you, the customer, moreover make off with the card or punch in the telephone number linked with the card. At the same time as the majority of people love the benefits; there are those who feel that the information collected by loyalty cards is an attack on privacy.

Plastic Loyalty Cards

Plastic Loyalty Cards

Advantages of Loyalty Cards
The biggest advantage is often the discounts advertised at the retail outlet. These sale items are more often than not only offered to loyalty card customers, so if you desire to get that summer watermelon on sale, you had superior have one. Loyalty cards may also be tied into an assure account, keeping track of the qualifying items buy toward college savings. Consumers are also sent besieged notices of specials based on their shopping tendency. For this part of a loyalty card to be useful, you must shop at the same outlet regularly to have your shopping trends make an outline that sends you notice of precise specials.

Some more advantages of loyalty cards are:

  • Saving Money / Make Money
  • Expediency factor – effortlessness of payment
  • Swiftness and plainness
  • Special offers and discounts for card holders
  • Feeling of be in the right place and membership
  • Opportunity of receiving other financial services
  • Getting Member magazines and the like.

Disadvantages of Loyalty Cards:
Most of people do not like the fact that most loyalty programs are outsourced to third parties. This means that your personal information goes further than the store requesting it, which raises questions as to someplace your information stops. With billions of dollars placed into building computer systems that path information and an equivalent amount in administering it, huge demographic databases are effortlessly collected, and it is not a far widen of the imagination to believe that this information is sold for profit.

Some more disadvantages of Loyalty Cards are:

  • Far above the ground cost of promotion and implementation.
  • It may conceal actual loyalty and satisfaction levels (for instance, switching may take place following recovery of minimum build up rewards). Disloyalty may be postponed rather than avoided. 
  • Customer information may be incomplete and deceptive
  • Do not slack profits to bonuses and rewards (what is the genuine cost/benefit)
  • Risk of lessening foul of consumer privacy
  • High effort due to human resources perhaps removed from other marketing   projects.
  • Easier said than done to escape of such schemes (once in always in, well as a minimum for a long time).
  • If scale, customer benefits and other requirements are not achieve then scheme might be an costly failure

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